3 Things You Have to Consider When Painting an Accent Wall

Hey members! So one of our tasks is to re-paint the walls of our theatre.  Read on to find out about the options of colours and let me know what you think.

A popular trend we’re seeing when it comes to home decorating are accent walls. It’s a great way to add a pop to your room and make a space a little more interesting. In many cases, it can make the room seem bigger and help add other focal features, such as fireplaces stand out. Overall, it adds a really unique and striking decorative touch to any space.

The primary things to consider when getting an accent wall painted are:


In terms of finish, a lot of what applies to regular walls also applies here. Eggshell and matte-type finishes work well in formal spaces, while semi-gloss and satin finishes bode well for informal ones. When considering focal walls specifically, you could also consider a textured finish or design to make it stand out. While these are very unique options, they also require more skill than your average coat of paint. It’s best to hire professionals to get the job done – there’s a lot of skilled Toronto area residential painters that specialize in this work.


It’s best to have your accent wall coordinate with the rest of the space. Taking inspiration from your furniture and décor such as rugs and pillowcases can really help a space pop and create a great unity. If you’re more into neutral shades, such as grey, choosing a dark grey accent colour can bring a dramatic flare to your space, while remaining neutral.

Dark grey accent wall living room

Wall Selection

Last but not least, picking the particular wall for your accent colour is probably the most important thing to consider. Your accent wall should provide an anchor for the room. You don’t want to choose poorly, otherwise it may detract from a better focal point in the room, or even make the room appear smaller. For a living room with a fireplace, it makes sense to select the fireplace wall as the accent, since it’s already a main focal point of the room. In a bedroom, the wall that anchors your bed makes a logical choice.

When looking for interior house painting in Toronto, it’s best to lean on the experts if you’re unsure about finish, colour or wall selection. These professionals will be able to give you the best recommendations and help bring your interior design to the next level.